Over twenty years ago, I started my journey in higher education. Beginning in residential life at the University of Kentucky, I moved to Cincinnati to pursue music at UC College Conservatory of Music. Upon arrival, I was awarded an assistantship in resident education and development (residence life) as an Assistant Residence Coordinator in which I focused on a broad range of areas including supervision of professional and paraprofessional staff, educational programming, judicial affairs (now known as behavioral education), and student affairs. Heading into my second year, I was promoted to a full-time Residence Hall Coordinator during which time I completed my master's work in Educational Studies. After much encouragement from friends and professors, I decided to take the plunge into doctoral study.

During my doctoral work, I immersed myself in sociology, history, and philosophy with additional foci in peace and urban education. Upon graduation, I accepted a position at Arizona State University in Housing as well as a secondary appointment as faculty associate in the College of Education. Over the course of that year, I concluded that I wanted to turn my attention fully to academics. I found myself coming back to Cincinnati to work as an assistant dean at a small nursing school, tasked to build up the general education department (eventually Liberal Arts and Sciences) and along with a team of dedicated colleagues, build a college, The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Together, we accomplished a great deal, launching the inaugural year in 2006 and achieving regional accreditation just over two years later.

In 2008, my title and responsibilities grew such that I was appointed as the institution’s Chief Academic Officer and Dean of General Education and Instructional Support Services. in 2010, following the retirement of our founding president, Teresa Goodwin, I was appointed interim president while the College's Board completed a national search. During this time, the Board and I developed a strong, positive relationship and eventually after completing the interview process, I was appointed the second president of the college. Over the course of my four years, we tackled enrollment challenges (nearly tripling enrollment), addressed significant financial challenges, and attained the longest term for reaffirmation of our accreditation - ten (10) years - by the NCA-HLC. Near the end of my fourth year, I was approached to consider a unique school situated on the West Coast that had recently joined an educational system (TCS Education System). After reading through the mission, reflecting on my own academic and personal journey, I threw my hat in the ring. In June of 2014, after a series of interviews, I was smitten with the faculty, students, and staff realizing that this was my next professional home. Soon thereafter, I was appointed the next president of Saybrook University and began in August of 2014. The first year brought significant growth and challenge to the entire university as we stabilized the institution's finances and set the university on a new strategic path.

The work of our entire team has resulted in a stronger, stable institution with the ultimate goal of achieving a completely sustainable infrastructure by 2020, thus ensuring Saybrook's presence and impact for decades to come. 

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