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7. Profits Over Progress by Blake Pinto featuring Dr. Tom Hayashi

Fresh from our digital magazine, UnBound, comes this brilliant article by Blake Pinto featuring Saybrook’s very own Dr. Tom Hayashi.


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In August of 2018, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk made a shocking announcement. After years of struggling to meet production goals, he was considering taking Tesla, a publicly traded, multibillion-dollar company off of the stock market.

This one example is a microcosm of what may become one of the most important struggles for entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, and dreamers in the 21st century and beyond: as companies grow, they often raise capital to fund big ambitions from investors who want to see a return, but these same investors may not be patient enough to stick around for the company’s long-term vision for transformational progress.


“Company concerns about whether to be more responsive to consumers and the public good or meet shareholders’ expectations is an age-old problem in the marketplace. And many organizations continue to wrestle with this dilemma today,” says Tom Hayashi, Ph.D., Saybrook University’s program director for the Department of Leadership & Management. “Humanistic scholar-practitioners in leadership, management, and organization studies research and promote finding the appropriate business model that can drive innovation not just for the sake of driving profit, but also to drive innovation that is in line with the company’s vision and ethical values . . . in other words profit and progress”

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6. Student Spotlight - Phoebe Monnier-Manalang, MSFM, ND


Saybrook University student, Phoebe Monnier-Manalang, will present her research entitled “Validation Study of InBody Band2 and the Agreement Between InBody Band2 and Omron 306 in Adults” at the 2019 Annual Meeting, World Congress on Exercise is Medicine, and World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise, Circadian Rhythms and Sleep of the American College of Sports Medicine being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, May 30, 2019 at 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Her research was conducted in France in 2018 to investigate the reliability of wearable technology that feature body composition analysis and how that compares to the Omron 306 body composition device commonly used gyms.

Her 33 years in fitness and wellness has led her to continue her passion in creating her consulting company, Daywaneti and the concept of S.H.I.F.T. – a Mind-Body-Spirit pathway towards optimal health. Starting as an aerobic instructor at 16 she followed her passion for health and wellness while becoming a: personal trainer, regional director, marketing director, naturopath, consultant and entrepreneur in order to influence and impact as many people as she could. Phoebe has dedicated her life to the pursuit of pushing the frontier of the fitness and wellness industry by integrating the importance of spirituality as a dimension of optimal health. This has led her to pursue groundbreaking degrees that are shifting the industry including an MS in Fitness Management and Saybrook's PhD in Applied Psychophysiology, Optimal Functioning Specialization.

The focus of Phoebe’s studies at Saybrook is to fine tune her concept of S.H.I.F.T. and the vital role spirituality plays in optimal health. Her dissertation will be focused on respiratory strength and conditioning and the validation of the Spironess® method. 

Currently, Phoebe is the partner and Director of International Operations for Spironess®- a respiratory strength and conditioning program that helps people improve respiratory efficiencies. She is also the founder of JBUM (Just Between U and Me) who developed a mental health application designed for anonymous users within an organization to connect through posting and answering intimate questions. When she isn’t busy with school and work, she pours into her family, homeschools her daughter and is a songwriter, singer and piano player. 

Her passion is to elevate the health of society by creating an accessible space between existing validated technology, methods and services in the field of health and wellness and the general public. Her core mission is to repackage the conversations surrounding Mind-Body medicine to include spiritual health so that people can achieve an optimal state of being.

5. Saybrook and Institute for Spirituality and Health Partnering to Serve Houston, Texas!

We’re so excited to be launching this new partnership in which prospective students living in the Houston area can now participate in a local residential conference working closely with Saybrook and the Institute for Spirituality and Health faculty while also engaged with the larger Mind-Body Medicine community at Saybrook U.

For those of you in the Greater Houston area, please pass long to those who would be interested. We’ve already had a number of individuals express deep interest!

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3. Saybrook University Announces Student Scholarships for 2019

We are pleased to announce that applications are open for three endowed scholarships for current students through Saybrook University. Descriptions and details on the application requirements for each scholarship are detailed here.

Alan Watts Student Scholarship Award


Description: Three (3) scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded to a accomplished students interested in the work and teachings of Alan Watts. The successful individuals seek to go beyond simplistic notions of what is, or of what should be, recognizing the need for exploration of oneself through various modalities ranging from meditation to humor, and the impact such practices have on our lives, on the continuing development of humanistic/transpersonal psychology and on our social order.

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Rollo May Student Scholarship Award


Description: Each year Saybrook University awards the Rollo May Student Scholarship of $5,000 funded by the generosity of our donors. This year, four (4) scholarships will be awarded to students whose graduate work explicitly applies and carries forward the existential-humanistic contributions of Rollo May. Such student work may include scholarship in the areas of personality theory, psychotherapy, art and literature, cultural criticism, existential encounters, or other topics which the student clearly connects to the Rollo May tradition.

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Leonard Shlain Student Scholarship Award


Description: Saybrook University is pleased to announce its call for the Leonard Shlain Student Scholarship Award, named in honor of former Saybrook trustee, Dr. Leonard Shlain. Two (2) awards of $1,500 will be awarded to accomplished students interested in the work and research of Dr. Shlain. These areas include the following: creativity; the development of the human brain and neuroscience; art and science; human sexuality; and, the effects of word and image on the human brain.

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