7. Profits Over Progress by Blake Pinto featuring Dr. Tom Hayashi

Fresh from our digital magazine, UnBound, comes this brilliant article by Blake Pinto featuring Saybrook’s very own Dr. Tom Hayashi.


2019-04-23 (1).png

In August of 2018, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk made a shocking announcement. After years of struggling to meet production goals, he was considering taking Tesla, a publicly traded, multibillion-dollar company off of the stock market.

This one example is a microcosm of what may become one of the most important struggles for entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, and dreamers in the 21st century and beyond: as companies grow, they often raise capital to fund big ambitions from investors who want to see a return, but these same investors may not be patient enough to stick around for the company’s long-term vision for transformational progress.


“Company concerns about whether to be more responsive to consumers and the public good or meet shareholders’ expectations is an age-old problem in the marketplace. And many organizations continue to wrestle with this dilemma today,” says Tom Hayashi, Ph.D., Saybrook University’s program director for the Department of Leadership & Management. “Humanistic scholar-practitioners in leadership, management, and organization studies research and promote finding the appropriate business model that can drive innovation not just for the sake of driving profit, but also to drive innovation that is in line with the company’s vision and ethical values . . . in other words profit and progress”

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