Integrative Health

The Carrie Mangels Phelps Integrative Health Sciences Scholarship


Announcing the Dr. Carleen Mangels Phelps Integrative Health Sciences (IHS) Scholarship
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Purpose: The Dr. Carleen Mangels Phelps Integrative Health Sciences (IHS) Scholarship (hereafter referred to as The IHS Scholarship) is created to honor the life and work of Dr. Carleen Mangels Phelps whose work, research and experience has led to significant advancements in the areas of integrative health and wellness at Saybrook University and within the communities she served. Her work has aligned with the work of numerous Saybrook students, alumni, and faculty across inspiring and promoting advancement in mind-body medicine techniques and applications, research, and scholarship.  

Scholarship Criteria: There will be two (2) scholarships issued once per year to one (1) new and (1) continuing Saybrook University student. Individuals receiving this scholarship will have met the following criteria:

  • A deep passion and commitment to humanistic values, as evidenced through their work as scholars and/or practitioners;

  • A dedication, as evidenced by their academic or on-the-ground work, to advancing integrative health practices;

  • Demonstrated academic capabilities such that they evidence the capacity for graduate study (or in the case of continuing students, excellence in graduate research);

  • A completed philosophy statement that outlines the following:

    • interest in humanistic values, specifically as applies to holistic health practices;

    • articulated research/scholarly focus and how this will be or is currently being applied to one’s practice, organization, or community specifically in advancing integrative health techniques and applications;

    • future career goals and how these goals will foster efforts to advance a more just, humane, and sustainable world.

  • Scholarship recipients must be pursuing a discipline at Saybrook University with a strong focus in humanistic principles and integrative health, including but not limited to Integrative Coaching, Functional Nutrition, and Mind-Body Medicine.

Scholarship Awards: Once the scholarship fund has reached a value of $25,000, annual awards will be provided in the amount of $1,500 for new students and $2,500 for continuing students. This is a one-time award that will be credited to the students’ Saybrook University account. A certificate of award signed by the President of the University and Mr. Todd Phelps, Dr. Phelps’ spouse (or designee) will accompany each award.

Recognition of Scholarship Recipients: Mr. Phelps or designee will be invited to present the award at the appropriate time and place.

Selection Process: A general announcement will be released in the Spring of each academic year soliciting interested new and continuing students to submit their philosophy statements on or before June 1. Using a rubric developed in collaboration with Mr. Phelps (or designee) a panel of 2 faculty members, one administrator, and one external member (preferably one who is noted in the integrative health community) shall review all selections and identify the recipients for that particular year. In the event a recipient or recipients are not chosen, monies will simply not be allocated for that academic year.