3. Saybrook University Announces Student Scholarships for 2019

We are pleased to announce that applications are open for three endowed scholarships for current students through Saybrook University. Descriptions and details on the application requirements for each scholarship are detailed here.

Alan Watts Student Scholarship Award


Description: Three (3) scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded to a accomplished students interested in the work and teachings of Alan Watts. The successful individuals seek to go beyond simplistic notions of what is, or of what should be, recognizing the need for exploration of oneself through various modalities ranging from meditation to humor, and the impact such practices have on our lives, on the continuing development of humanistic/transpersonal psychology and on our social order.

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Rollo May Student Scholarship Award


Description: Each year Saybrook University awards the Rollo May Student Scholarship of $5,000 funded by the generosity of our donors. This year, four (4) scholarships will be awarded to students whose graduate work explicitly applies and carries forward the existential-humanistic contributions of Rollo May. Such student work may include scholarship in the areas of personality theory, psychotherapy, art and literature, cultural criticism, existential encounters, or other topics which the student clearly connects to the Rollo May tradition.

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Leonard Shlain Student Scholarship Award


Description: Saybrook University is pleased to announce its call for the Leonard Shlain Student Scholarship Award, named in honor of former Saybrook trustee, Dr. Leonard Shlain. Two (2) awards of $1,500 will be awarded to accomplished students interested in the work and research of Dr. Shlain. These areas include the following: creativity; the development of the human brain and neuroscience; art and science; human sexuality; and, the effects of word and image on the human brain.

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