1. A Bit of Housecleaning

Welcome to my personal-professional blog.

Given it’s springtime, I decided to do some major housekeeping, starting fresh with a new approach to posting.

As such, beginning today, you will have access to a variety of insights and information including updates/goings-on at Saybrook University where I am president; as well as personal musings on a range of topics related to family, scholarly endeavors, the arts, book reviews, and other topics that I hope you will find compelling and perhaps even in some cases, provocative. I have the additional objective of posting at least once per day over the next year as I find writing in this format emotionally and intellectually therapeutic.

While my previous blog postings from 2016 are no longer available, I will be re-posting some of my favorite dispatches from the last few years.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts (keep it civil, please). I try to respond in a timely manner!