Dispatch 169: Congratulations, Dr. Pilisuk, on CPA Lifetime Achievement Award


We are thrilled to announce that Saybrook University faculty member, Dr. Marc Pilisuk, will be receiving the California Psychological Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The following provides a brief summary of Marc’s work (in his words) over many decades.

Congratulations, Marc. We are so very proud of and happy for you.

Marc Pilisuk has devoted his life to the application of psychology and the social sciences to world peace, a sustainable planet and social justice. He was a founder of the Society Against Nuclear Explosions now evolved into Peace Action, of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility, the APA Division of Peace Psychology, of the first ever Teach-in opposing the war in Vietnam. He has always maintained a connection with groups dealing with the consequences of nuclear preparedness and has often testified on psychological dangers at environmental impact hearings. He developed a manual on the application of psychology to improve advocacy on nuclear issues. 

Marc is author or editor of 11 books including  The Healing Web and The Hidden Structure of Violence.  

His work has been recognized in national awards for teaching, for research and for application and service to the wider community. It has also earned him dismissal from two University positions.

Marc has been teaching since 1961 sometimes in Psychology departments, mostly in multi-disciplinary settings at the University of California and Saybrook University. 

Marc’s teaching and research have focused upon globalization, sustainability, violence prevention, conflict resolution, healthy communities and relationships in health and healing. His guiding belief is that we live in a potentially wonderful world that is traumatized by the power and wealth a small elite. The job of the psychologist who sees the casualties should not be to help people adjust to that system but to empower them to change it.