Dispatch 136: Upcoming NYC Saybrook Salon February 23, 2019, Featuring Dr. Ruth Richards and Roger Cunningham


Saybrook Salon: Saturday Double Feature!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2 - 4 PM EST

482 West 43rd St., Manhattan Plaza Health Club

1st Fl., Minnesota Conference Room

New York, NY

RSVP: rogerjeff@access.net

Join us for a Saybrook Salon event in NYC featuring presentations and experiential activities by Roger Cunningham and Dr. Ruth Richards. The event is free, and refreshments will be available.

  • Focusing - Our Inner Wisdom (Roger Cunningham)

  • Intimacy with Everyday Creativity: See it - Free it - Be It (Dr. Ruth Richards)

Each Segment involves cutting-edge activities for self-development and growth in psychology and human consciousness.