Dispatch 102: (Re)Introducing Ms. Karyn Lee, AVP of Enrollment Management


As we head into a new year, I thought it might be good to re-introduce Karyn Lee who began with us back in late November.

Karyn comes to us with over 20 years of experience in admissions and student services. She has served at different institutions delivering strong results while also building teams through her positive, holistic approach to enrollment management. Her admissions successes include strong enrollment results and leading up to five enrollment teams simultaneously. Karyn's approach is one that builds enrollment through cultivating teams’ motivation to succeed, bringing faculty and teams along in crafting strategies, and a deep desire to evangelize our unique, mission-based programs. I have every confidence she will bring to the table a strong skill set, a desire to succeed, and a deep willingness to build collaborative approaches towards ensuring strong enrollment over the long-term.