Dispatch 101: QOTD - Shaner, Kelly, Rockwell, & Curtis (2015)

Today’s quote comes from the article “Calm Abiding: The Lived Experience of the Practice of Long-Term Meditation” in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology authored by Saybrook faculty Drs. Lynne Shaner, Lisa Kelly, Donna Rockwell, and Devorah Curtis. As a practitioner of meditation, I found this incredibly informational! Well done, colleagues.

The experiences of the participants in this study, joined with the volumes of empirical research that quantify the benefits of meditation, combine to suggest that it would be reasonable to hope that meditation could eventually become part of everyday life for the general population and that it might one day be considered a first-line strategy to help individuals handle life’s stresses, as well as a known and routinely recommended and practiced strategy for personal and spiritual development. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, July 7, 2015. Link located here.