Dispatch 100: Updates from Saybrook U's MBM and IFN Departments


  • Anjali Talcherkar, final-year MBM/IMH PhD student, was the recipient of a scholarship to the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) Ayurvedic Health Counselor I Program. Talcherkar's dissertation is on the use of CAM, specifically Ayurveda, in Addiction Treatment.

  • Dr. Eric Willmarth’s abstract has been accepted for the ’HYPNOSIS: NEW GENERATION 2019’ Congress in Budapest:

    • Title: Is Hypnosis an Altered State of Consciousness

    • Method: Panel Discussions

    • Authors: Willmarth, Eric Ph.D. (Saybrook University, Oakland, CA, United States) Brugnoli, Maria Paola (Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Roma, Italy



  • Congratulations to Carol Jean (CJ) Miller (MS IFN student) who was awarded a travel scholarship to attend Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ in May 2019! Thanks to the Virtual Community in Nutrition students for supporting the nutritional needs of the underserved across the United States. Time was donated to organizations that provide prepared meals to low-income and homeless populations; fresh and non-perishable groceries to anyone in need; and integrative nutrition care to neurologically and physically impaired children. By sharing their experiences with classmates, we were all reminded of the immense need for food, shelter, housing, healthcare, and emotional support across the country. Thank you!

  • Congratulations to the 7 soon-to-be graduates of the Master of Science in Integrative & Functional Nutrition: Holle Cambell, Kathryn Clayton, Kelly DiFabio, Jennifer McCalib, Sydney Miccucci, Donna McNeal, and Betty Murray (Don’t forget to add that M.S. behind your name!). 

  • The Department of Integrative & Functional Nutrition is excited to officially launch the new PhD IFN. Check out the new web page and share it with anyone who may be interested!

 For more info on current conversations and research in the IFN department, be sure to check out The Great Food Divide in the latest issue of Unbound