Dispatch 97: Updates from Saybrook U's Psychology and Leadership & Management Departments

Each Sunday, I will feature work that’s ongoing or has been done by faculty and students in the College of Social Sciences at Saybrook University. I think you will agree our faculty and students are engaged in some incredible scholarly-practitioner efforts!

Please feel free to send along any activities you’re engaged in by emailing me directly.



  •  Jacquie Lewis has a chapter, "Monte Ullman and Group Dream Appreciation" to be published in: Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture, published by ABC-CLIO. This title is scheduled to publish later this month.

  • In November, Stanley Krippner participated in HOMINUS 18, an international psychology conference held in Havana Cuba. Steve Pritzker and Stanley presented a paper on the experience of "flow" in sport psychology. 


Virtual Faculty Exchange

  • On Nov 27, Dr. Charles F. Piazza was a virtual guest presenter at SRH University, Berlin, Germany. He conducted an engaging dialogue on virtual teams which went very well, benefiting students in developing their understanding and virtual relationship building and socializing skills.

  • The 60-minute session was an interactive dialogue with students exploring how networks can become a "dynamic person-to-person workPLACE" where professionals meet, develop vibrant working relationships, and evening hold casual socializing conversations. It was a great exchange where practical concepts where presented, challenges examined, and students sharing their questions and insights. Networking with the instructor and students will continue to follow-up on related ideas and practical applications.


Jeffrey Shepard, Ph.D. had an article published in a top tier medical journal. The article reflects several years of research. The citation for the article follows:

  • Ramsey, R. R., Holbein, C. E., Powers, S.W., Hershey, A. D., Kabbouche, M. A., O’Brien, H. L., Kacperski, J., Shepard, J., & Hommel, K. A. (2018). A pilot investigation of a mobile phone application and progressive reminder system to improve adherence to daily prevention treatment in adolescents and young adults with migraine. Cephalalgia, 38, 2035-2044. doi:10.1177/0333102418756864