Dispatch 129: Coaching is Powerful Magic (Dr. Beth Haggett - SU Faculty Member)


Coaching is Powerful Magic by Beth Haggett, MSW, LCSW, Ph.D.

Beth teaches as an adjunct faculty member for Saybrook University in the Integrative Wellness Coaching Master's and Certificate program in The College of Mind-Body Medicine. She also trains coaches using her own curriculum to help support change management strategies internal to Customer Support Organizations.

Master Personal & Executive Coach

I am always a little concerned when I speak of coaching being powerful magic that I will sound a bit too “Woo Woo” to some. So, let me explain my thinking. First of all, I think “Woo Woo” refers to thing that we sense or feel but often cannot see so things of this nature are difficult to measure or prove. That being said, although it can be hard to measure the magic of the intangibles of coaching, there are outcomes from the coaching relationship that are quite tangible.

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