Dispatch 126: Today Marks Official Launch of the Eleanor Criswell Scholarship

Photo Credit: Stephen Weiss ( http://www.stephenweissphotography.com )

Photo Credit: Stephen Weiss (http://www.stephenweissphotography.com)

Dear Saybrook Community and Friends of the University:

I write today to formally launch the formation of the The Dr. Eleanor Criswell Humanistic Psychology Institute-Saybrook University Founder’s Scholarship, and to ask you to join me in supporting the future of humanistic scholarship and practice at Saybrook University.

By way of this announcement, we launch a campaign to seed this newly endowed fund with $25,000. Once that threshold is reached, Saybrook will begin awarding annual scholarships to incoming and continuing students who demonstrate a deep passion for, and commitment to, the principles of humanistic psychology and philosophy, as evidenced through their work as scholar-practitioners. Consider making a gift today to help us reach this goal (please select Dr. Eleanor Criswell Founder's Scholarship in the drop-down menu).

Dr. Eleanor Criswell is a leader in the fields of humanistic psychology and holistic health, and was the founding director/president of the Humanistic Psychology Institute, which later became Saybrook University. Recipients of the Dr. Eleanor Criswell Founder’s Scholarship must demonstrate a deep passion for the principles of humanistic philosophy in their scholarship application, along with an articulated commitment to championing these principles in their current or intended course of study at Saybrook, as well as in their future goals.

Recipients will be selected by a committee of faculty, administration, and community members, which will be assembled in collaboration with Dr. Criswell, or her designee.

Make A Gift Today

Nathan Long, President
Saybrook University