Dispatch 118: Day Three of the Spring 2019 Residential Conference (with videos)


Today marked the official start of Saybrook University’s Spring 2019 Residential Conference. Continuing students joined their new colleagues for departmental gatherings, symposia, courses, meals, networking, and fellowship. You will also see pictured below students meeting with faculty advisors/mentors on various topics ranging from thesis/dissertation guidance to program planning.

One of the highlights to the day was the Creativity Studies luncheon facilitated by faculty member Terri Goslin-Jones. The theme of the luncheon Muse and Memes showcased the research currently underway by various students including the use of art and music as therapeutic interventions. We were also treated to the talents of Ms. Jannelle Means who hails from Nashville, Tennessee, who began her presentation with “A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. As a musician myself, I really enjoyed her take on how she has helped advance a group called Soul Vibes Collective to build community among musicians fostering an additional creative outlet outside of their day gigs.

I was pleased that Ray Bailey, our online support specialist, gave us an overview of who he is, what he does, and why he loves Saybrook University. Ray’s energy, commitment to serving students and faculty, and his drive to help Saybrook humanize the virtual experience all are reasons were fortunate to have him here with our team.

We ended the day with lovely tributes to Dr. Louis Hoffman and Charles Piazza. Student and faculty tributes were quite moving offering powerful tributes to two great contributors to the Saybrook mission and legacy.

In all, it was a terrific start and looking forward to more activities over the coming days.