Dispatch 113: College of Social Sciences Faculty & Students in Action

For those of you who missed our October 2019 update, I thought I would give you a glimpse into the many things that happened late Summer and Fall 2018. Amazing work from so many outstanding individuals on our faculty and in our student body. I also provided a link to last Fall’s Creativity Studies newsletter (see below).


  • In conjunction with the American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Conference in August 2018, the Transformative Social Change Department co-sponsored an event, coordinated by TSC Faculty member Dr. Marc Pilisuk, which took place at Saybrook's Oakland Campus on August 10. More than 70 people from around the country attended. The purpose of this event was to bring together progressive psychologists from all over the country with Bay Area activists and community organizations in order to celebrate small victories, and possibilities for collaboration. discuss work being done. The American Psychological Association Division of Peace Psychology’s Annual Service Award was presented to Code Pink Co-Founder Medea Benjamin. Saybrook Presidential Fellow Ashanti Branch presented on community development work in the Oakland area through the Every Forward Club. TSC student Monisha Rios presented on her work with Psychologists for Social Responsibility and Veterans for Peace on the issue of moral injury within the military. Psychology-TSC graduate O'Dell Johnson spoke about his important work on supporting reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals into the community, via his new organization, Research Institute for Social Equity (RISE). The event was co-sponsored by the Department of Transformative Social Change, the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, Psychologists for Social Responsibility APA Division 48 The Society for Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence. 

  • TSC Peace and Justice Studies Specialization Coordinator Joy Meeker and faculty member Amanda Smith Byron authored chapters in a new, groundbreaking book on Critical Pedagogy in Peace and Justice Studies, published by Routledge in November 2018.


  • Stan Krippner spent September in China, giving seminars on dreamwork in three cities. In addition, he spoke to the local GLAAD chapter in Guangzhou, gave a three-day seminar on transpersonal psychology in Beijing, and also lectured on "the psychology of magic," illustrated by a magic show performed by his friend Samuel Carrasco from Puebla, Mexico. Saybrook student Paula de Franco joined him in Beijing for a special presentation of her model of psychotherapy, and Saybrook alumna Darlene Viggiano joined him in Guangzhou for a three-day training workshop on clinical hypnosis

  • Mendelowitz, E. (2018, July). Mindfulness and counterpoint: Reflections. Society for Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

  • Hoffman, L., & Paige, J. (2018). Varieties of suffering and meaning: Clinical implications. International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy, 7(2), 1-10

  • New Book by Dr. Ruth Richards, Everyday Creativity and The Healthy Mind: Dynamic New Paths for Self and Society, which is nominated by Palgrave Macmillan for the Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize (The Phi Beta Kappa Society) can be pre-ordered from Amazon

  • Richards, R. (2018, August). Chaos, creativity, complexity, and healthy change. In a symposium, Ruth Richards and David Schuldberg (Co-Chairs), Creativity, chaos, and nonlinear psychology in mind and life. 126th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.  

  • Richards, R. (2018, August). Drums, Music, Dance—Bridging Worlds: Healing for Self and Society, Paula Jeanine Bennett and International Collaborators. Presentation for special event, Town Hall Art Blitz. 126th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA. 

  • Richards, R. (2018, August). Discussant for Expressive Arts in Everyday Life, with Tobi Zausner, Pamela McCrory, and Terri Goslin-Jones. 126th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.  

  • Richards, R. (2018, August). Chair and Discussion Leader, Contemporary Neo-Shamanism as a Path for Multidimensional Healing through Expressive Arts. (Substituting for Dr. Goslin-Jones, with Anthony Williams and Karel Bouse, participants, Stanley Krippner, Discussant).126th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.  

  • Two chapters by Dr. Ruth Richards, co-authored with Dr. Terri Goslin-Jones: Terri Goslin-Jones & Ruth Richards recently published (2018) the Mysteries of creative process:

    • Explorations in life and daily work. In, L. Martin, & N. Wilson (Eds.), The Palgrave handbook of creativity at work (pp. 71-106). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. This book will be available next year as a textbook for CS 7067

    • Richards, R., & Goslin-Jones, T. (2018). Everyday creativity: Challenges for self and world—Six questions. In, R. Sternberg, and J. Kaufman (Eds.), The nature of human creativity. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. 

  • The August edition of the Creativity Studies Newsletter is available, and features stories such as the creation of this table by Sara Shields. Sara is a Board Certified Holistic Registered Nurse and Executive Director for Team Mental Health, and the table was created as a meeting table for her nursing staff while she was taking coursework in Expressive Arts (CS 6606), Organizational Creativity (CS 7067) and Perspectives of Creativity (CS 4501)


  • Dr. Jeffrey Shepard had another paper accepted for publication. His research titled, The Incubation Process: A Case Study, will be published in Management & Organizational Studies Journal.

  • Dr. Charles Piazza was on the editorial board for Sage Publications’ second edition of its Encyclopedia of Business and Ethics. He contributed 11 entries spanning a variety of ethical topics related to business, economics, virtual distributed organizations, stakeholder interaction, justice, and workplace issues.

  • Dr. Joanne Smikle had an article, titled “Crafting a Strategy at Any Career Stage,” featured in the American Academy of Neurology Leadership Alumni Newsletter. An earlier article she authored, “A Leader’s Legacy,” was published in the April issue of this newsletter. Dr. Smikle gave the address at the graduation of the American Academy of Neurology 2018 Diversity Leadership Program.