Dispatch 70: Prez Fellow Amis Presents at "I Love Hella Shorts" in Oakland, CA

Code Oakland Trailer


Saybrook Presidential Fellow, Ms. Kelly Amis, will be screening "Code Oakland" at The New Parkway theater this coming Sunday, June 24, 2018, thanks to I Hella Love Shorts.

Please join her there at 6 pm for popcorn, wine, and a program of short films. (FYI: some people say "Code Oakland" is actually better the second time - that you see more of what's going on. Just sayin'!)

Tickets here: https://ihlsjune18.brownpapertickets.com/

About Code Oakland: The latest in the TEACHED short film series, "Code Oakland" examines the evolution of Oakland through the eyes of social entrepreneurs determined that youth of color not be left on the sidelines as Silicon Valley expands into the city that is home to the second largest black community in California. See trailer above.