Dispatch 46: "Voice for the Voiceless" - The Road I Call Home Recap


I was just made aware of a beautiful write-up on Randy Bacon's experience at the Saybrook Residential Conference in the Humane Herald. Here is a snippet and link to the rest of the article...

"Activists in the humane movement often refer to themselves as providing a voice to animals whose needs are not heard. Similarly, for photographer and filmmaker Randy Bacon people who are homeless need to be heard and they also need to be seen. In The Road I Call Home, an exhibition of portraits, stories, and film of the homeless community in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri, Bacon provides an outlet for the people featured to be seen and to be heard in their own voices.

2017 Presidential Social Change Artist in Residence at Saybrook University, Bacon is also the founder of the nonprofit humanitarian story movement 7 Billion Ones. Referring to the “You Matter” movement, 7 Billion Ones aims to connect and empower us through the transformative power of stories:

So 7 Billion What? Seven billion one-of-a-kind creations call this planet home—each of these “ones” being important, with a story that counts. Yet, the sad truth is that as humans, as the “ones”, we easily can get lost in the bigness of the world—the seven billion people. Humans lose sight that we each matter and have a unique, compelling, and inspiring story that needs to be told AND shared with the world. 

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