Dispatch 75: Town Hall Updates

Dear Saybrook University Colleagues,

Thank you for attending Friday’s scheduled Town Hall event. I’m proud to work each day in an institution dedicated to open dialog and respect for one another’s perspectives. During the event, we identified several key areas of focus going forward that we hope you’ll find useful as we head into the future.

  • Communications Portal

    • We are putting together a central portal for communications with our community, which will include an archive of previous updates, FAQs, and other resource documents. Our hope is that this will enable each of you to have access to information to stay up-to-date. This will be available early next week and we will send an email out to all with that information.

    • Early next week, we will also be posting notes from today’s Town Hall as well as an FAQ related to other key points.

  • Ongoing Town Hall Events for the Community

    • We will begin holding open Town Hall meetings, with focus on particular topics of need/interest to ensure we’re in ongoing dialog and keeping our channels of communication open. We will begin scheduling these early next week. The entire community’s attendance is welcomed and encouraged.

  • Community Meeting at the January Residential Conference

    • We will hold a two-hour meeting at the January Residential Conference as a means to provide face-to-face opportunities for engagement and dialog.

Over the course of our dialog today, there were several questions pertaining to TCS Education System. In order to provide additional information related to TCS, I am including a link to the System’s viewbook here. While this doesn’t answer all questions, it is a very clear overview of what TCS is and some of the tangible benefits we have as a result of our partnership.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that if there are any questions or concerns that I or my team can support you in, please email me at presidentsoffice@saybrook.edu

Thank you for being a vital part of our Saybrook community.


Nathan Long, President
Saybrook University