Dispatch 43: A Great Opening - Saybrook Residential Conference Begins

Days1 and 2.jpg

The last two-and-a-half-days have been a wealth of fellowship and intellectual engagement! From faculty meetings and discussing our reaccreditation; to meeting our many new students on Thursday who come to Saybrook with the hope of changing the world (and they will!); to the powerful conversations with Randy Bacon on his amazing work being done in Springfield, Missouri, bringing attention to the homelessness epidemic affecting our entire country; to the important and informative orientation to student services; to the beautiful discussions about life and the meaning of a good death with Drs. Meeker and Richards; to a lengthy intellectual discourse on the philosophy of science, ontology, and quantum mechanics with one of our doctoral students,  this #SaybrookURC is continues to energize me (and all of us) on so many levels. 

So proud of our students, faculty, staff, and organizers of the conference. Thrilled to be a part of it all.

More to come...