Dispatch 16: Saybrook University College of Social Sciences Faculty on the Move


As we kick off the new academic year, I thought I would post this impressive list of all the work being done by our faculty in the College of Social Sciences. Updates galore below. We'll also be featuring CIMHS faculty efforts soon, as well! Thank you, Dr. Becker, for your help in compiling this information. 


Counseling Department

  • Two new faculty (Mary Roberts & Dominique Avery) started July 1st with the Seattle program, a wonderful addition to a growing department.
  • The MA Counseling program faculty sent in an initial accreditation application and self-study to CACREP. This is the first big step towards accreditation.
  • Jennifer Preston, Department Chair initiated dialogues across program faculty to begin the development of a new PhD degree in Counselor Education & Supervision.
  • For the first time, Seattle faculty and new students will be joining the larger Saybrook community at the August RC in Monterey.
  • At the upcoming (October 2017) ACES national conference, the program faculty (collectively) will be facilitating 5 presentations.
  • One counseling faculty member is recording a webinar for Simulation IQ, a continuing education provider.
  • A Counseling faculty is active with the state board around licensing requirements (WA). She has been invited to a meeting of the state board this fall- specifically in relation to partner violence and training.


Leadership & Management Department

  • Three new faculty (Mary Kay Chase, Joanne Smikle & Jeffrey Shepard) joined the department over the summer.
  • Chuck Piazza, Department Chair, has been working closely with Mark Labbett, TCS ES Instructional Designer in the development of an exciting new Virtual Community (VC) which is being piloted this fall.
  • Jeffrey Shepard is providing leadership in the development of the Saybook Online Incubator (S-Lab) which will be designed to create a center of online resources for students to learn how to start and grow a small business. This includes small businesses, venture fundable companies, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Faculty updated and revised the OS PhD program.
  • Chuck Piazza participated in a cross university international grant that enabled him and a colleague at TCSPP to work with village preschool center managers and teachers in South Africa.
  • Gary Metcalf and several OS PhD students participated in the ISS conference in Vienna.


Humanistic & Clinical Psychology Department

  • Theopia Jackson was recently recognized by the Association of Black Psychology (ABPsi) with the 2017 ABPsi Service Award at the 49thAssociation of Black Psychology (ABPsi), Inc. convention that was held in Houston, Texas in July. In addition, Theopia was elected 2017-2019 President Elect for ABPsi, assuming presidency in 2019.
  • Kirk J. Schneider’s new book was released: The Spirituality of Awe: Challenges to the Robotic Revolution.
  • Saybrook University’s contributions to the field of psychology was once again very evident at the recent American Psychological Association (APA) Convention. During the convention, the new leadership of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32) assumed office. Saybrook faculty member Donna Rockwell is the new President of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP) and another Saybrook faculty member, Dr. Nathaniel Granger, Jr., began his role as president elect. Additionally, Kirk Schneider, also a Saybrook faculty member, completed his term as past president. Two Saybrook alumni began terms on the board of the Society of Humanistic Psychology. Veronica Lac was elected as SHP’s Secretary of the Board. She also began in the role of the Awards Committee. Saybrook alum Lisa Vallejos began her term as a member-at-large on the board.
  • Saybrook University’s Nathaniel Granger, Jr., and Louis Hoffman were invited presenters at the “No More Secrets: Confronting the Stigma and Educating the Whole Community on Mental Health” event in Colorado Springs. This event was organized by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to provide community education on important topics related to mental health. Dr. Granger gave two presentations on Microaggressions and Mental Health, which targeted helping people understand the impact of microaggressions and learn ways to lessen their impact. Dr. Hoffman served on two panels discussing Parenting in Complex Times. He was invited to discuss the challenges of parenting children of color in the current social and political climate.
  • Saybrook faculty member, Dr. Louis Hoffman, is a board member of the Coalition for Compassion and Action (CCA;https://compassionandaction.org), which just received the American Civil Liberties (ACLU) of Colorado’s 2017 Civil Rights in Action Award.
  • Saybrook Alum Dr. Veronica Lac’s book, Equine-Facilitated Therapy and Learning: The Human Equine Relational Development (HERD) Model, was recently published by Academic Press. Dr. Lac graduated from Saybrook in 2017 with her PhD in psychology with a specialization in Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology.
  • Saybrook University was once again well represented at the 10th Annual Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the weekend of March 30-April 2, 2017. There were over 20 presentations by Saybrook students, faculty, and alumni
  • Saybrook faculty members Jason Dias and Louis Hoffman’s book, Connoisseurs of Suffering: Poetry for the Journey to Meaning, was recently published as part of the Poetry, Healing, and Growth Book Series. The book contains a number of poems by award-winning poets, including Saybrook Faculty Member Carol Barrett.
  • Stanley Krippner spoke at two conferences in August, the American Psychological Association and the Society for the Study of Chaos Theory and Psychology. At APA, he appeared on a symposium along with Saybrook students Katherine Redmond and Larry Graber, who discussed their work with trauma survivors. He also joined Harris Friedman for a discussion of new developments in psychedelic research and therapy, and with Debbie Ellis for a discussion of Mother Teresa and her legacy. At the chaos theory conference, he and Saybrook student Janet de Franco presented a paper that discussed the application of nonlinear dynamics and chaotic attractors to Carl Jung's description of the "shadow" archetype. The chaos theory society was formed at Saybrook University 27 years ago, and Krippner gave one of the keynote addresses. Ruth Richards is also a member and is currently co-editing a book on the applications of chaos theory to everyday life.
  • Ruth Richards co-led two workshops with Saybrook alumna Ting Chuk Lai, Ph.D.at the 15th International Sakyadhita Conference on Buddhist Women in Hong Kong. A beautiful event with 700 people from around the world, about 1/2 monastics, 1/2 lay people, mainly women but men as well. HH Dalai Lama keynoted the first of this series of, so far, 15 meetings.
  • Ruth Richards presented at APA, and had a special time at the Annual Saybrook Dinner, which Stan Krippner and alumna Susan Gordon can take a big bow about. It happens every year. Alumni present included Joel Sereboff, Ph.D. and wife. 
  • Melinda Rothouse, a PhD candidate in Psychology, specializing in Creativity Studies, won the Saybrook University Rollo May Student Scholarship.
  • Terri Goslin-Jones, Creativity Studies Specialization Coordinator and Janet Rasmussen, PhD, Saybrook alumna will be presenting on Mending Social Fabrics: The Alchemy of Self-Compassion at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Conference.


Transformative Social Change

  • Colleen McEdwards joined the TSC team over the summer and will be assuming the role of Social Impact Media (SIM) Specialization Coordinator. Colleen brings years of international media experience.
  • As part of the August RC, TSC faculty will be facilitating a two-day workshop and dialogue titled, Comparative Approaches to Activist Training: Focus on Immigration and Refugee Issues.
  • During the RC, two students (Monisha Rios & Alicia Soliz) will be sharing what they learned from recent visis to Cuba.
  • TCS and HCP will be co-hosting, A Village Meeting at the Intersection of African-Centered Psychology and Humanistic Existential Psychology during the RC in Monterey.
  • TSC faculty are actively engaged with admissions in meeting program enrollment programs for both programs in TSC (MA & PhD)