Dispatch 8: Student Leadership Council's First Annual Saybrook Talent Show!


From the Student Leadership Council...

Saybrook U's Student Leadership Council (SLC) is super jazzed to announce we’ll be having an OPEN MIC – SHARE YOUR TALENT night at the upcoming August RC! We’re scouring the Saybrook Community for talented singers, dancers, jugglers, origamists, comedians, musicians, thumb twiddlers, poets, and baton twirlers to entertain and delight the rest of us.*

If you’re interested in performing on Tuesday evening, August 29 (7:30pm – 10pmth ), we’d love to hear from you! Please reply to Michael (mperazzetti at saybrook dot edu) with the following information to confirm an available time slot:

A. First and last name
B. Type of performance
C. Approximate length of performance (we ask that you don’t exceed 8 minutes)
D. Stage name
E. Why you’re choosing to perform this particular talent for the Saybrook Community

*Your amazing talent does not need to fall within one of the above listed skillsets, so please feel free to blow our minds with anything and everything.

Not so interested in gracing the stage with your hidden talents, but still love the spotlight? Let us know if you’d like to HOST because we’re looking for one or two masters of the mic to keep the show flowing!

Also, if you’re local/driving to Monterrey and wouldn’t mind letting our frequent flying Saybrookers borrow that guitar (or violin or accordion) you keep stashed in your trunk, let Michael know. I’m sure any last minute musical additions would very much appreciate having an instrument to borrow.

 The Student Leadership Council is a student-led, student-focused organization committed to advocacy efforts at the University. If you’re interested in learning more about who we are and what we do or you’re already convinced you want everything do with SLC, please reach out at StudentVoice@saybrook.edu. We’re always looking for feedback and fresh ideas so don’t hesitate to join us in making Saybrook a better educational community!