Dispatch 38: Staff Spotlight - LaTanya Hicks

LaTanya Dec 2015.jpg

What is your name? LaTanya O. Hicks

What degrees, certifications do you hold?  Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration concentration in Marketing;  Life Coach Certificate from Coach U.

How long have you worked at Saybrook? 2 years and 5 months. 

What is your position? Executive Assistant

Why did you choose to work at Saybrook University? To be honest…. I had never heard of Saybrook. However, once I scheduled the interview I researched the school and came to the realization I was living the Saybrook mission and aligned with the values.  As you can imagine I was overjoyed to find such an employer.  The Universe had guided me to the perfect place once again.  I begin every day with meditation and quiet time.  My desire is to be open & allowing for opportunities and gifts for growth and expansion that flow my way.  Life is amazing.

How long have you worked in higher education? In your discipline or area? First time for everything, I have never worked at a university; just a graduate.  

What other aspects of you would you like us to know?  

  • I love western movies!  I have a picture when I was a little girl riding my rocking horse and dressed in my cowgirl outfit.  I am sure that must be a recent embodiment.  
  • I love to travel and learn about new cultures.  When I was a flight attendant, I just knew that would be the perfect outlet for my travels; however, I soon learned there was no playtime like I planned.  So, I went off on my own, traveling to Japan, Jamaica, India, Canada, Bahamas, many places of course in the U.S.
  • I enjoy scrapbooking as a hobby
  • I enjoy creating my own videos (Google and YouTube taught)
  • Love R&B and classical music

Anything else I missed or you would like to add? I love Saybrook, my coworker-family, the students and the experience!  AWESOME!