Dispatch 37: In Memoriam - Dr. Marvin Joseph Berlowitz, Ph.D., 1942-2017


Late the other night, I talked with my doctoral advisor’s wife, Rinda, who indicated he was nearing death. We agreed I would be coming down the next morning. How fortunate I was to be in town (Cincinnati), I thought, to get to see this tour de force of a human being likely one last time. 

Alas, an official goodbye was not to be had. He died at 2 AM that morning, peacefully in his sleep. As I write this I am sitting here in his home with his lovely wife, Rinda, getting a final sense of his essence, reliving with her various stories - oh and there are so many! I was also able to assist her throughout the day including having the honor of helping write his obituary (below).

Dr. Marvin Berlowitz, full professor at the University of Cincinnati, was an eminent scholar of  educational history, sociology, African American studies and peace studies. He was a mentor and dear friend to many, and an incredibly devoted, loving husband to his wife, Rinda. 

He is the reason I have my doctorate and a key inspiration to the profession I have chosen. Yet, I am just one of hundreds of students for whom Dr. Berlowitz has had such an impact.

The world is less for his loss and I will forever will remember him. 

In loving memory of a lion in academia, my mentor, my doctoral advisor, and dear friend...

Obituary for Marvin Joseph Berlowitz, Ph.D.

Marvin Joseph Berlowitz, Ph.D., died on November 20, 2017, at Baptist Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, after an extended illness. He was preceded in death by his parents Aaron and Anne Berlowitz and is survived by beloved wife Dr. Rinda Frye, Ph.D., of Carrollton, KY.

Married June 17, 1995, Marvin and Rinda lived as best friends, confidantes, and trusted scholarly partners over their twenty-two plus years. They enjoyed their time together laughing as much as collaborating, relishing their time together as fortunate friends.

A lifelong academician, Dr. Berlowitz completed his Doctor of Philosophy at the State University of New York (Buffalo), over the years burnishing his reputation as an eminent scholar and raconteur, largely known for writing numerous cutting-edge works focusing on social change that promoted the advancement of civil rights for African Americans and other marginalized groups. He is also credited with founding one of the first peace and urban education centers in the country housed at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to his scholarly contributions, he mentored hundreds of doctoral and masters students who have gone on to careers in academia, industry, government, and non-profits across the United States.

In addition to his various career accomplishments and time spent with his wife, he was very active in the martial arts, power lifting, and most recently found great enjoyment playing billiards and chess online.

A memorial service for those who knew and loved him will be held at the Poet’s House, 501 Main Street, Gent, Kentucky, 41045 on Monday, November 27, 2017, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.