Dispatch 33: Saybrook Hosts First Ever Community Meet-Up In Bellevue


Tonight was the culmination of our efforts establishing an outreach program that involves meet-ups with alums, faculty, students, and community members. The dinner and conversation was informal, with our discussion largely focused around the prospects for community change and engagement.

Dr. Mary Kay Chess, one of our new Leadership and Management faculty, beautifully facilitated the session creating an amazing generous and open space for people to contribute. The way she leads a group is what I want to do when I grow up. One of her lead-ins was "what is the B side of your business card", which prompted people to really open up about why they do what they do.


We then engaged in dialog around how Saybrook and different groups and individuals can partner to advance positive social change. The conversation was powerful. We discussed the importance of heart, soul, pushing boundaries and social conventions. 

Prompted by faculty member Jeff MacAuliffe, we concluded our time together singing "How Can I Keep from Singing" a folk song written by Pete Seeger. Truly a beautiful way to end the evening and quite, quite Saybrookian.

We need more of these opportunities to connect with those in our communities making a difference and dedicated to the common good. 

Thank you to the collective for coming together and we look forward to many more to come!