Saybrook Core Messaging Project

Dear Saybrook Community and Friends of the University: 

Back in July, we began working with Noelle Kull, our PR and Communications Manager at TCS ES, on a core messaging project. The nature of the project is to identify a key or core message that captured who/what Saybrook is. The goal of core messaging is to create a sentence that captures the essence of Saybrook that can quickly capture an individual's or group's attention. After interviewing a number of faculty leaders, administration, staff, and TCS ES leaders, a series of initial options were presented for review. 

At this point, I am now presenting four (4) options for our community's consideration, with the hope of determining how these different core messages resonate with individuals. We determined the easiest way to achieve this was by having each of you rank four separate statements from "most like" (1) to "least like" (4). Please complete this simple ranking survey by Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 12 PM Pacific. The link to the survey is:  

Bear in mind, our main tenet of humanistic philosophy and key mission elements are essential and will be infused into language that follows our core message once that is identified. Remember: the ultimate aim is to first identify a clear, concise, broad statement that captures the essence of SU. Lastly, the general rule of thumb in creating a core message is that there is one identifier (i.e. We are an innovative institution…) with a minimum of one or maximum of two descriptors about what we do (i.e creates student success and unlocks human potential). 

Thank you very much for your assistance!