Announcing the Saybrook University Presidential Fellows Program

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new Saybrook University Presidential Fellows Program. This program is designed to offer practitioners and scholar‐practitioners the opportunity to connect with a reputable university that is dedicated in mission and purpose to advancing positive social change. Fellows will leverage the institution for purposes of exposure, affiliation, and resources, as appropriate. As a Fellow, the individual commits to engaging with appropriate, relevant University activities/events that serve to cross‐ promote the individual’s scholarly or practitioner agenda with relevant programs of Saybrook University

The goal of the program is to provide a beneficial experience to both the University and the individual’s work she or he is doing in the community, their organization, or academic home that promotes positive social change. 

Expectations of Fellows

  • Participate in occasional activities/events such as symposia, panel presentations, residential conference sessions that are relevant to her or his particular focus area, 3‐4 times per semester.
  • Actively participate and contribute to the Saybrook University President’s Advisory Council 2 times per year.
  • Provide a culminating presentation to the University and broader community on her or his particular focus area during the Spring semester of each academic year.
  • Fellows, in collaboration with the president of the university and their university liaison, may decide to identify other expectations/responsibilities in addition to or in lieu of the above that further reflect the scholarly or practitioner work in which they are engaged. 

Expectations of the University

  • Provide space and resources enabling each fellow to be in residence, including office space, telephone, Internet, email, and the like (note: being in residence is not necessarily a requirement of being a Fellow).
  • Provide, if desired, a university liaison to support their work at the institution, offer opportunities for engaging with faculty and staff, connect with TCS Education System faculty and staff members as appropriate, etc.
  • Support initiatives of each Fellow through travel stipends (food, lodging, airfare) in support of activities/events that cross‐promote the individual’s scholarly or practitioner agenda with relevant programs of the University.
  • Offer marketing support for cross‐promotional programs to the larger community to encourage attendance and participation in key events.

Should you be interested in nominating an individual or individuals, please download, complete and send the nomination form located here to Ms. LaTanya Hicks at