Inaugural Posting: Welcome!

Dear Visitor, 


As I write this inaugural blog posting for my new personal-professional website, I am heading into the second week of time off. In addition to spending much-needed quality family time and absorbing what has turned out to be a unique election cycle (to put it mildly), my main goal was to complete a long-standing to-do list item: create a website and associated blog. I am glad you're here! 

The website will largely provide visitors like yourself insight into my general professional background, the blog will give you deeper glimpse into who I am as an individual. This section will be devoted to several areas of interest of mine including higher education, leadership, academia, and my own academic areas of interest (history and sociology of education as well as peace and urban education). 

One of my other core objectives with this blog is to promote Saybrook University, my professional home. As the institution's president and loyal advocate, I will spend time discussing what I hope you will find to be relevant topics ranging from integrative health, to Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, to counseling, to leadership and management, to transformative social change, including social impact media and peace and justice issues. 

I look forward to having you join me in this virtual world and hope to make many good friends along the way. 


Nathan Long, President
Saybrook University