Reflections on Election 2016

Dear Saybrook Community,

Yesterday, we witnessed an historic election. Over these last 18 months, we as citizens across this great land have been grappling with very real, human questions that concern who we are as a country, what we value, and how we advance our nation.

As a university, we take no political position on who should lead these United States. Our obligation and commitment to you as a community is to create the space for caring, respectful, rigorous, intellectual dialog.

We believe Saybrook students and faculty have much to offer in the post-election world in which we now live, especially through authentic, caring discourse - discourse that eschews partisan labels and monikers with the goal of creating understanding and strengthening the ties that bind us together. By participating in conversations that encourage introspection and healing in our communities, these events can connect us to one another in ways that remind us of our common humanity, further demonstrating the power of who we are.

To that end, we are currently looking at opportunities for facilitating/promoting dialog, including holding community-based sessions at our January Residential Conference in Monterey. Our hope is that by coming together to share our feelings - joys, fears, and dreams for our country and ourselves - we find greater clarity in how best to contribute to our communities and our country. If you have further suggestions, please do not hesitate to bring these to me or any Saybrook faculty-staff member.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead, my sincerest hope is that we continue our commitment to positive social change by working in the areas of social justice and action that ensure our fellow citizens are afforded the right to live liberated existences free from the shackles of oppression and empowering us to live to our fullest human potential. Most importantly, Saybrook University is everyone's home regardless of political beliefs or affiliations. All are welcome here. Together, we believe in the mission and humanistic values that both guide us and define who we are as individuals and as a community.

Lastly, I urge us all to show love and concern to our fellow citizens by hearing one another, and demonstrating empathy, all-the-while recognizing that there is important healing that must occur on all sides before we as a nation can fully move forward.

Keep engaging, keep hearing, keep talking, keep honoring each other's unique humanity.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Nathan Long, President, Saybrook University