Dispatch 174: Direct Application Links for Argosy Students Seeking Support

Dear Argosy Students Affected by the Recent Closures:

TCS Education System – a non-profit system of colleges and universities – has several institutions offering options to support you in completing your education. In addition to the broad array of programs in business, leadership/management, and education; we also have professionally accredited and licensure-based programs that exist at Saybrook University, Pacific Oaks College and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. You will be counseled appropriately to make sure you are moving to a program you recognize and accept.

To that end, the following links are provided for your convenience:

Thank you.

Dispatch 172: Transfer Options for Argosy University Students


Saybrook University is a nonprofit, regionally accredited humanistic institution that has been dedicated to serving communities around the world for the last 50 years. Today, we stand ready to support those affected by the closure of Argosy University through various transfer options. Our faculty and administration have been working closely to identify processes and procedures to assist former Argosy students who wish to continue their educational journey with us. If you are seeking to transfer to Saybrook University, we are here to support you. Eligible programs for transfer students are outlined below.

Saybrook’s Department of Clinical Psychology will offer support to students from the following Argosy programs:

  • M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • Ed.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • Psy.D. programs

Saybrook’s Department of Counseling will offer support to students from the following Argosy programs:

  • M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology

  • Ph.D. in Counselor Education programs

Saybrook’s Department of Leadership and Management will offer support to students from the following Argosy programs:

  • M.S. and Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership

  • Ed.D. programs in Educational Leadership and Higher & Postsecondary Education.

In all transfer situations, former Argosy students should first apply to the appropriate program. They will then be invited to a faculty interview and program planning meeting to finalize the admissions decision.

We are here to help.

You can begin your application by visiting apply.saybrook.edu/ or you can begin a Live Chat with an admission representative today by visiting the TCS Education System Argosy Transfer page.

Dispatch 170: Saybrook U's Dr. Moss at Ibero-American University


Fantastic seeing Dr. Moss spreading the good word on integrative health. Here in his own words from his most recent Facebook posting:


On March 8, I spent the day at Ibero-American University, a large private University which is piloting a new applied psychophysiology curriculum for undergraduates, masters students, and doctoral students. My host was Jose Esael Pineda Sanchez. I was able to teach a roughly three hour workshop class on Psychophysiological Perspectives on Health.

In the evening, I was able to participate in another panel discussion of my book with Fred Shaffer, now available in Spanish, Fundamentos del Biofeedback de Variabilidad del Ritmo Cardio. The participants provided excellent discussion, and I gave a lecture on the objectives of the book.

Dispatch 169: Congratulations, Dr. Pilisuk, on CPA Lifetime Achievement Award


We are thrilled to announce that Saybrook University faculty member, Dr. Marc Pilisuk, will be receiving the California Psychological Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The following provides a brief summary of Marc’s work (in his words) over many decades.

Congratulations, Marc. We are so very proud of and happy for you.

Marc Pilisuk has devoted his life to the application of psychology and the social sciences to world peace, a sustainable planet and social justice. He was a founder of the Society Against Nuclear Explosions now evolved into Peace Action, of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility, the APA Division of Peace Psychology, of the first ever Teach-in opposing the war in Vietnam. He has always maintained a connection with groups dealing with the consequences of nuclear preparedness and has often testified on psychological dangers at environmental impact hearings. He developed a manual on the application of psychology to improve advocacy on nuclear issues. 

Marc is author or editor of 11 books including  The Healing Web and The Hidden Structure of Violence.  

His work has been recognized in national awards for teaching, for research and for application and service to the wider community. It has also earned him dismissal from two University positions.

Marc has been teaching since 1961 sometimes in Psychology departments, mostly in multi-disciplinary settings at the University of California and Saybrook University. 

Marc’s teaching and research have focused upon globalization, sustainability, violence prevention, conflict resolution, healthy communities and relationships in health and healing. His guiding belief is that we live in a potentially wonderful world that is traumatized by the power and wealth a small elite. The job of the psychologist who sees the casualties should not be to help people adjust to that system but to empower them to change it.

Dispatch 168: A Message from TCS Education System President, Michael Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz, President of TCS Education System - our System - penned this important message regarding the recent situation with Argosy University. Please share far-and-wide to those you know who may be affected by this very unfortunate situation.


For the last decade, TCS Education System and our partner colleges have been dedicated to providing students quality academic experiences all around the world. As Argosy University closes, we are extending this commitment to their students as well.

The strong support system that our colleges have developed allows students to focus on what matters most: achieving their educational goals and preparing to positively impact communities throughout their future careers.

I invite any Argosy student affected by this unfortunate development to learn what transfer options are available to them at our colleges: Pacific Oaks College, Saybrook University, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law.

We have set up a portal to help students start the conversation about program options, the transfer process, and what assistance is available to help them put this unfortunate situation behind them. Go to https://transfer.tcsedsystem.edu/

#WeSupportArgosyTransferStudents #universities #education

Dispatch 150: Kim Long Brings Rosemary Clooney to Life in Key West, Florida


As a proud partner, I can’t help but be excited for Kim’s debut at the Red Barn Theatre, a professional house located in Key West, Florida. Starring in the new musical “Tenderly”, Kim becomes Rosemary Clooney in a lovely musical that charts out key moments in the famous singer’s life.

This overview gives a taste of what’s in store:

A fresh, remarkably personal and poignant view of the woman whose unparalleled talent and unbridled personality made her a legend on film, recordings, radio, and TV. With her signature songs woven throughout, you’ll be moved by her personal battles and cheer for her triumphant comeback. 

If you’re in the area, check out the Red Barn’s Tenderly page for tickets and more.

To hear Kim singing a Rosemary favorite “Snow”, click here.

Dispatch 149: Saybrook U Alumni Making a Difference with Freedom to Choose Project


The Freedom to Choose Project (FTC) is a non-profit program co-founded by David Paul, MD, PhD, and Bonnie Paul, PhD, both graduates of Saybrook University.  The Freedom to Choose Project has received two 3-year Innovative Programming grants from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The award letter contained a very positive comment on the merit of the program:

There was very formidable competition…The application evaluation was thorough and challenging. You should take enormous pride in your selection, as well as the role you will play in expanding the Department’s rehabilitative efforts.

FTC will now be adding programs at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo and the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) in Corcoran, California. The SATF program will include a mentor program for the Youth Offender Program (YOP) at that institution. YOP is designed to pair newly incarcerated 18-22-year-old inmates with older, positive role model inmates. FTC will be training both the YOP participants and their mentors. 

FTC currently provides educational programs at three California prisons: Valley State Prison, Central California Women’s Facility, and the California Institution for Women. FTC presented over 25,000 inmate-hours of education in 2018. The programs have been called a “revolution in prison rehabilitation and reform.” 

FTC was funded in the “promising practice” category of the grant. This is defined as a program that has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing recidivism but has not yet fulfilled all the criteria to be classified as an evidence-based rehabilitation program. A major focus for FTC starting in 2019 will be research on both the qualitative and quantitative outcomes of the program. 


FTC is open for any Saybrook students who might be interested in participating as volunteers or as part of a practicum or a for-credit course. A recent Saybrook graduate, Trish Singh Ph.D., joined FTC last fall at the men’s prison, and reported a very positive experience:

Hello!  I really wanted to share with you and Bonnie my gratitude for being included in Freedom to Choose.  The weekend was extraordinary and I am still glowing from the experience of healing and witnessing such a brilliant and amazing group of volunteers.


An interesting biographical note:  Drs. David and Bonnie Paul did their first education program at Valley State Prison for Women in March 2004, the same month they started as students at Saybrook. 

More info is available on the FTC website (https://freedomtochooseproject.org/) including a preview for a documentary filmed at Valley State Prison for Men which will be released later this year.

Dispatch 148: Bowling as Bonding


My son Leo and I carve out several hours each week to spend quality father-son time. Over the years with the nature of the work I do (and love), it’s also been critical to be intentional about the time spent with family.

Given Kim’s new adventure on the East Coast as well as the torrential rains keeping us from hiking, Leo and I have taken up bowling as a Friday night pastime. If being good at it were the requirement, we would have given up some time ago. However, we’ve determined that there is absolute joy in gutter balls, low scores, and free soda refills.

Lucky to have him as my son and so grateful for the time we spend together.

Dispatch 147: Ever Forward Club's 100,000 Masks Challenge


I am inspired by the work of Saybrook U Presidential Fellow Ashanti Branch and his organization, Ever Forward Club, in their work promoting the organization’s 100,000 Masks Challenge.

The focus is clear and compelling:

To help our young people, adults, and community gain a deeper understanding of how much we have in common. People all over the world can understand the concept of wearing a mask and working hard to Ignore those things in our lives that we don't think that people would understand. This collection of masks will help us to gather a deeper understanding of people all over the world and to show how connected we really are when it comes to the masks we live in.

For more on Ever Forward, go here.

Dispatch 146: Video Featuring Rollo May on Existential Psychology

Dr. May provides the audience a beautiful explication of Existential Psychology in this video. While short, it is incredibly packed. One of Saybrook University’s major faculty members (beginning in the 1970s), he has left an indelible imprint on may within and far beyond our beloved institution.

Dispatch 145: The Work of African American Sociologist E. Franklin Frazier

Poster from Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. News Bureau, 1943

Poster from Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. News Bureau, 1943

E. Franklin Frazier stands out as one of the early pioneers especially in the field of sociology. His scholarship covering topics ranging from the black family to social reality to social change and race relations continues to inform the work of current-day sociologists and social psychologists.

Among his varied scholarly works, his analysis of racism in his work “The Pathology of Race Prejudice” stands out:

From a practical viewpoint, insanity means social incapacity. Southern white people afflicted with the Negro-complex show themselves incapable of performing certain social functions. They are, for instance, incapable of rendering just decisions when white and colored people are involved; and their very claim that they "know" and "understand" the Negro indicates a fixed system of ideas respecting him, —whereas a sane and just appraisal of the situation would involve the assimilation of new data. The delusions of the sane are generally supported by the herd, while those of the insane are often antisocial.

Yet, — from the point of view of Negroes, who are murdered if they believe in social equality or are maimed for asking for an ice cream soda, and of white people, who are threatened with similar violence for not subscribing to the Southerner's delusions—such behavior is distinctively antisocial. The inmates of a madhouse are not judged insane by themselves, but by those outside.

The fact that abnormal behavior towards Negroes is characteristic of a whole group may be an example illustrating Nietzsche's observation that "insanity in individuals is something rare — but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule."

The Pathology of Race Prejudice by Edward Franklin Frazier, The ForumJune 1927, pp. 856-861. (See also The Unz Review direct article link)

In addition to his many accomplishments, he also became the first African American to assume the presidency of the American Sociological Association.

For more information on his life and scholarly contributions, go to here and here.

Dispatch 143: Dr. Carter G Woodson - African American History Month Profile


Back in graduate school, one of the unique aspects of my degree program (much like Saybrook’s cross-disciplinary approach to learning) was the ability to concentrate in other disciplines. I specifically chose historical foundations in education, with a focus in African American history of education. During my introductory courses with a leading African American historian, Dr. Eric Jackson, I was required to read a number of works by Carter G. Woodson who is chiefly known as the founder of Black History Month (originally Black History Week). Perhaps one of the most powerful of his books for me was reading “Miseducation of the Negro” an essential work that should be read by any teacher, scholar, administrator or activist agitating for social justice. It’s as relevant today as it was when first published in 1933.

Additionally, he worked as a school teacher, eventually joining the faculty of Howard University as a professor and then Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

As a pioneer in his field, he brought to life the vital contributions and experiences of African Americans, calling attention in his scholarship to the insidious, damaging racism that plagued (and still plagues) our country to this day.

To read more on Dr. Woodson’s life and works, go here or to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

Dispatch 142: Saybrook U Presidential Fellow to Speak at San Jose State Community College

So very proud of SU Prez Fellow Dr. O’Dell Johnson for the work he is doing as President and CEO of RISE (Research Institute for Social Equity) to improve the lives of the formerly incarcerated and to call attention to issues race and mass incarceration. If you have the date free, I highly recommend attending this important event in which he is one of the featured panelists, all of whom bring important perspectives to the topic of mass incarceration.

Mass Incarceration_Flyer_Revised 03-02.jpg

Dispatch 141: Dance Your PhD - The Path to Warrior Wellness


Allison Winters Fisher's research is a holistic case study analysis of an existing integrative treatment program. Her recent video features original music by Nathaniel McLaughlin, videography by Elizabeth Freeman, and choreography by Allison herself. View the video here and directly below.


An innovative way to explain PhD research, the contest challenges scientists to explain their research without PowerPoint slides or jargon—in fact with no talking at all.  

Now in its 11th year, contestants submit a video explaining their Ph.D. research through interpretive dance.  


Many military members struggle with symptoms of trauma. The body responds to trauma by over-activating the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Soldiers can remain in a high alert state for long periods of time, which can include continuous, quick, and shallow breathing and a racing heart. It is a burden that is carried in the body, just as a soldier wears a rucksack wherever he or she might go. Mind-body practices, such as diaphragmatic breathing, gentle movement, and relaxation techniques can counteract these automatic physiological responses. Practicing and building mind-body skills increases heart rate variability (HRV) and coherence levels, transforming burden into a new found and lasting sense of calm, balance, and peace. 

This video is Allison's dance interpretation of her Ph.D.dissertation, Dance/Movement Therapy-Based Mind-Body Medicine in an Integrative Medicine Treatment Program for Military Members with Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Dispatch 140: College of Social Sciences Updates for February



  •  Susi Ferrarello, Ph.D., and Nicolle Zapien, Ph.D., co-authored and recently released a new book, titled Ethical Experience: A Phenomenology

  • A recent article in the Atlantic, titled What It's Like to Visit an Existential Therapist, features work from Rollo May, PhD - one of the founders of the Humanistic Psychology Institute, which later became Saybrook University - as well as contributions from current Saybrook faculty members Drs. Orah Krug and Louis Hoffman



Contributions to the World of Practice

  • In January, Mary Kay Chess, PhD, hosted an Executive Round Table (ER Call) for health care leaders around the country on increasing the capacity for innovation and creativity in unique networks and community-based shared services organizations. This session was a follow-up to the in-person two-day Innovation Lab led by Dr. Chess during a healthcare summit in 2018.  

  • Joanne L. Smikle, PhD was in Charleston, SC facilitating executive development sessions for physicians selected to participate in the American Academy of Neurology’s Women Leading in Neurology Program and their Diversity Leadership Program. Dr. Smikle’s sessions focused on the competencies required to deliver transformational leadership in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Dispatch 138: Saybrook University Institutional Review Board Updates/Reminders

The January 2019 IRB newsletter went out over email on 1.30.19 and includes:

  • A quick overview of how the Saybrook IRB is working with the new federal human subjects regulations

  • The forthcoming revised informed consent template

  • A summary reminder about CITI Program training and how to select the “right” training course

  • An overview of upcoming IRB Open House sessions and other IRB support. 

We are working to have our IRB Newsletters archived, and retrievable online, by March 1. Once this news is archived, we’ll be able provide a direct link to the IRB Newsletter in this section of the monthly newsletter. 

If you have any questions about the Saybrook IRB, please contact IRB@saybrook.edu

Dispatch 137: Saybrook Student Anjali Talcherkar Spoke at Recent US FDA Public Hearing!


On January 18th, Saybrook University PhD Mind-Body Medicine candidate, Anjali Talcherkar, spoke at the FDA public hearing in Washington D.C. on Eliminating Youth E-Cigarette & other Tobacco Product Use. Anjali presented alongside Ronnie Newman, Director of Research at IAHV, for the SKY Youth Program for Treatment & Prevention Strategies.

Learn more about the presentation here, and view the Presentation Proposal for more details.

Congratulations, Anjali on this opportunity to advance impactful research and practices on a national stage!

Dispatch 136: Upcoming NYC Saybrook Salon February 23, 2019, Featuring Dr. Ruth Richards and Roger Cunningham


Saybrook Salon: Saturday Double Feature!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2 - 4 PM EST

482 West 43rd St., Manhattan Plaza Health Club

1st Fl., Minnesota Conference Room

New York, NY

RSVP: rogerjeff@access.net

Join us for a Saybrook Salon event in NYC featuring presentations and experiential activities by Roger Cunningham and Dr. Ruth Richards. The event is free, and refreshments will be available.

  • Focusing - Our Inner Wisdom (Roger Cunningham)

  • Intimacy with Everyday Creativity: See it - Free it - Be It (Dr. Ruth Richards)

Each Segment involves cutting-edge activities for self-development and growth in psychology and human consciousness.